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Jill Frier’s original articles appear monthly in a variety of newspapers and blogs, both online and in print. These publications include the Deer Valley Times, the North Tatum Times, the North 32nd News, the Scottsdale North News, the Scottsdale Standard, and the Upper West Sider – hyperlocal newspapers in the Phoenix area. Jill also publishes regular posts and articles on Ladybug’s Blog, and has beenĀ  highlighted in a number of other online publications.

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Ladybug’s Blog features original and unique content, focused on Arizona travel, adventure, and activities with kids. All writing, editing, research and photographs are the work of Jill Frier of Ladybug Writer. Ladybug’s Blog is dedicated to getting Arizona kids outdoors and excited about nature, science and the world outside.

Deer Valley Times

  • Giving Back – The Importance of Teaching Kids How to be Thankful and Generous
  • Visiting Southern Arizona – History, Nature and Outdoor Adventures
  • Back to School in the Valley of the Sun
  • Visiting Prescott
  • Going to the Lake! Tips for Fun and Safety at the Lake this Summer
  • Visiting Northern Arizona
  • Why Stem Skills are Important for Your Kids
  • Watch Your Kids Around Water! Water Safety in the Valley of the Sun
  • How to Find the Right Summer Camp for Your Kid
  • Visiting Southern Arizona
  • Tips for Getting Your Kids Involved in Sports
  • Visiting the Grand Canyon
  • Hiking with Kids in Arizona
  • Celebrate the Holidays – Arizona Style
  • Fall Fairs and Festivals Around the Valley
  • Ghostly Places in Arizona – A History of Haunting
  • Riding the Rails, Big and Small, in Arizona
  • Art and Culture in the Valley of the Sun
  • Make a Big Splash!
  • Water, Water Everywhere – Aquariums in the Desert
  • Summer Road Trip Arizona: Travel Tips for Heading North
  • Tips for Camping with Kids in Arizona
  • Kids and Baseball: Take Me Out to the Ball Game!
  • Enhance Your Kids’ Education with These Fun Places to Visit in Phoenix
  • Spring Break in Phoenix 2018
  • Best Hiking Trails in Phoenix for Kids
  • Fun Places to See Santa This Year in Arizona
  • Hiking in the Desert with Kids
  • Autumn in Arizona – Pumpkin Patch Season Has Arrived!
  • Pumpkin Patches & Fall Festivals Around Arizona
  • National Parks and Monuments Between the Grand Canyon and Phoenix
  • Cool Hot Weather Adventures for Kids Around the Valley of the Sun
  • Back to School: Indoor Museums Provide Educational Fun and Adventure in Phoenix

North Tatum Times

North 32nd News

Scottsdale North News

Scottsdale News North

The Scottsdale Standard

Scottsdale Standard

In the Zona Newspaper

Jill Frier occasionally writes and publishes articles for other local publications. See our article published in the Arcadia area newspaper, In The Zona, a publication focused on Valley area schools, education and kids activities. We are proud to be a part of this publication in Central Phoenix.



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