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Are you struggling to pull together multiple presentations? Frustrated because you’re spending hours on a single PowerPoint slide? Is your presentation too long and boring? Is it not capturing the attention of our audience?  Need more PowerPoint training for your team? Our presentation services can help!

PowerPoint Presentation Wrangling

At Ladybug Writer, we are  “Presentation Wranglers” – experts at pulling together the chaos and giving you advice on the best way to showcase your presentation message. Let us help you take your presentation to the next level. We provide clean, clear visual design and content editing, plus we help you herd the cats – wrangling presentations from multiple sources and fixing ugly presentations to make them into a thing of beauty.

Here are a few example presentations to illustrate how we can help you with your problematic presentations.  All visuals, designs and templates were created by Ladybug Writer.

Ladybug Writer is a master at PowerPoint wrangling. We can help you bring together multiple, unruly presentations into one document. The result: a comprehensive, well-designed and beautifully communicated presentation.

Training, Coaching and Consulting

Ladybug Writer also offers PowerPoint training to teams and individuals. Our training programs help people and businesses who want to improve their PowerPoint skills. We teach customers how to “wrangle” their own presentations and leverage the features of PowerPoint to develop clear, attractive, well-structured presentations.

Let’s Discuss Your Presentation Needs

Send me a note to begin discussing your presentation wrangling needs and see if Ladybug Writer can help you. We have a range of services and training programs available to help you with your current presentation project.

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