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Jill Frier: “I Am My Kid’s Mom”

Jill Frier, Ladybug Writer

Building a business and doing good work is about building a legacy and a future for my child and my family.

I work to help my family. I work to make sure my child understands the value of work. I work to give her the opportunity to build her own future, either through our family business or, one day, her own.

img_9183We work to live, not the other way around which is why I left my full time corporate job and started Ladybug Writer. My company keeps the concept of work-life balance at the forefront of our business philosophy. I understand that my clients’ time is as precious as my own. I use my joy for life and passion for quality to consistently create the best possible results for my customers.


My daughter designed the ladybug logo for Ladybug Writer and the Frier Enterprises, LLC family of businesses. It captures the essence of my company’s passion for effective visuals with simple design. Check out my blog, Ladybug’s Blog, to read about our adventures in the great state of Arizona and our efforts to get kids outdoors and interested in science, nature and the world outside. It’s also a great place to see examples of my published writing and website design work.

ladybuglogo-transparent  Ladybug’s Blog

Dedicated to getting Arizona kids outdoors and excited
about nature, science and the world outside

Ladybug Writer – 10,000+ Hours

I have years of experience in all aspects of writing, editing, key messaging, software wrangling, website building, publication design, and communications strategy. I’ll help you get the right message to the right audience, using the right media platforms.

For more details about my 20+ years experience, see my resume’ and background on my LinkedIn profile page. You can also see my profile, highlighted in the September 2018 edition of the Deer Valley Times newspaper:

Hi, My Name is… Jill Frier!

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